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Unlock the Power of Meaningful Conversations: Talk Sense, Transform Learning!

Talking sense in the context of Learning Management Systems (LMS) involves emphasizing the importance of meaningful and purposeful communication within the platform. LMS platforms serve as virtual classrooms or educational hubs, where instructors and learners interact and engage in the learning process.

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  • By talking sense, we emphasize the need for clear, concise, and relevant communication that fosters understanding, collaboration, and knowledge sharing
  • Effective communication within an LMS ensures that instructions, feedback, and discussions are conveyed in a way that promotes learning outcomes and supports student success.
  • It encourages learners to ask questions, seek clarification, and actively participate in discussions, enhancing their engagement and comprehension of the subject matter.

Accessibility & Inclusion

  • Explains the distinctions and overlaps between accessibility, usability, and inclusive design.
  • Encourages increased coordination across research and practice in these disciplines.
  • Points out the importance of maintaining the focus of accessibility on people with disabilities.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Enabling sustainable development by assessing risks and improving resiliency while adhering to external regulations and development goals.
  • Ed-tech now plays an enormous role in the success of teaching and learning.
  • This is witnessed through the adoption and the use of various Ed-tech, ranging from software (SW) resources such as learning management systems (LMS), (ERP), (SIS), social media sites (SMS) (Face book, WhatsApp, YouTube, and others), video communication technologies (VCT) (MS Teams, Zoom, Television inter alia)

Data Security and Privacy

Data and security play a critical role in protecting the integrity and privacy of valuable educational information. With a vast amount of sensitive data being generated, stored, and shared within an LMS, it is paramount to prioritize robust data security measures. EdTech companies must implement stringent protocols to safeguard student and instructor data, including personal information, grades, assessments, and learning analytics.

  • Prevent potential misuse of student and data, E-tech companies must prioritize data privacy and security, be transparent about their data collection practices, and obtain explicit consent from educators and students (or parents) before collecting and sharing any personal information.
  • Our LMS has the facility to protect the privacy of everyone by assigning them personal codes.
  • No one can misuse or abuse other’s data as everyone’s privacy is secured with personal code.

Ethical Content Standards

Ethical content standards form the foundation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Techademy, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and responsible educational materials. We have a responsibility to uphold these standards by curating content that is accurate, unbiased, and inclusive. Ethical content standards also necessitate the avoidance of plagiarism, piracy, and the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials. We encourage originality, proper citation, and adherence to intellectual property rights.

  • Six distinct ethical concerns are identified: information privacy; anonymity; surveillance; autonomy; non-discrimination; and ownership of information.
  • Ethical standards in our organization requires personal courage, placing public interest ahead of self, and self-control, self-discipline, and integrity,
  • Our ethical educational standards often delve into the broader applications of morality, inequality, and responsibility in education.

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