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Dr Nitya Prakash Explores Change and Challenges Faced by Indian HEIs in a Candid Conversation with Autar Nehru

Dr Nitya Prakash, co-founder of Techademy Campus, speaks with Autar Nehru in-depth about the changing landscape of Indian higher education institutions while sharing his knowledge and experiences. For more than a lakh student at a renowned Indian HEI, Techademy Campus has been successfully revolutionising education.

Techademy and Dr Nitya Prakash Spearhead Efforts to Revolutionize Online Learning in Higher Education

Bharat News reports on Techademy’s collaboration with eminent educator Dr Nitya Prakash as they set out on a revolutionary path to advance cutting-edge and easily accessible online learning solutions for higher education, revolutionising the future of academia

IIHT's Groundbreaking announcement about Techademy Campus which is set to Revolutionise Higher Education in April

On April 3, 2023, IIHT made a ground-breaking statement about the impending debut of Techademy Campus, an innovative platform ready to transform higher education and provide innovative educational possibilities for students across the country.

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Empowering the next generation of tech leaders, Techademy Campus Blogs provides invaluable resources for students and aspiring professionals.

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