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The capability and resources offered to monitor and record student grades and evaluations inside a learning environment are called “grading” in the LMS platform for Student Information System. Educators may quickly construct and manage grade books for specific classes or courses using grading modules.

Produces transcripts and grade reports to distribute to administrators, parents, and students

The system complies with the unique grading standards and demands of the institution by allowing customisation of grading scales, weighting of various assessments, and assignment kinds. This adaptability ensures that grading procedures correspond to the goals and standards of education.

Automatically computes grades using weighted averages

Faculty can specify grading policies within the SIS module, assign weights to various assessment components, and build grading schemes. Following the application of these rules to the assessment data saved in the LMS platform, the system computes grades automatically. With this technology, educators may spend less time on tedious human computations and make fewer mistakes. It guarantees impartiality and uniformity in grading across courses and sections, allowing for effective and precise assessment results. Educational institutions may efficiently manage grading procedures, give students prompt feedback, and produce accurate academic results with the SIS module linked to the LMS platform.

Enables teachers to notify students of their grades and provide prompt feedback

The SIS module, directly connected to the LMS, makes grade information accessible to faculty members and allows easy updating. The system immediately notifies students of their marks and any related feedback when grades are finalized or changed. This streamlined procedure guarantees that students receive information regarding their academic performance promptly, allowing them to monitor their progress and take immediate action in any areas that need improvement. The LMS platform’s SIS module makes it easier for professors and students to communicate effectively, promoting a positive learning environment where feedback can be given promptly. By utilizing this integration, educational institutions can strengthen the feedback loop, encourage student participation, and set up efficient lines of communication for academic development.

Academic Assessment Streamlining for Effective Evaluation and Reporting

A streamlined approach to academic assessment is made possible by integrating grading functions into the Student Information System (SIS) module, providing efficient evaluation, and reporting within the Learning Management System (LMS). Through this integration, the SIS module, which is directly accessible through the LMS platform, may be used by instructors to quickly record and manage student grades, assessments, and comments. It offers instructors a centralized and effective mechanism to assess student performance, determine rates, and produce thorough reports.

Gradebook Management

Automated Grade Calculations

Rubrics and Criteria

Grade Distribution and Statistics

Grade Notifications and Feedback

Integration with Student and Parent Portals

Features a digital grade book where educators may record and monitor students' performance

In the SIS module’s digital grade book, available via the LMS platform, educators can quickly enter and modify data on students’ grades, tests, and other related items. It offers instructors a simple interface for entering, computing, and organizing grades based on various projects, assessments, and assignments. Additionally, using the digital grade book, teachers may analyse historical data, generate detailed reports for specific students or entire classes, and monitor students’ progress.

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