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Academic records refer to the gathering, storing, and managing student-related academic information inside an educational institution via the LMS platform for Student Information System. Modules for managing academic data frequently have scheduling and registration features.

Features a digital grade book where instructors can enter and monitor their student

The LMS platform is accessible to students, who can browse available courses, pick their top choices, and plan their course schedules. These modules simplify the registration procedure, avoid scheduling problems, and give learners a transparent picture of their academic development.

Enables the enrollment and registration for courses

Students can search for courses using the SIS module’s user-friendly interface based on subject, time, and instructor parameters. The system immediately updates course enrolment records after registration, giving administrators and students access to real-time data. This connection simplifies the enrolment and registration process by eliminating the need for manual paperwork and easing the administrative load. Educational institutions improve the overall effectiveness and simplicity of the enrolling process for both students and administrators by offering simple course selection and registration within the SIS module coupled with the LMS platform.

Comprehensive Management of Academic Records

The Student Information System (SIS) module gives the Learning Management System (LMS) platform effective monitoring and reporting features. Using the SIS module, accessed via the LMS platform, educational institutions can maintain a central repository of student academic information, including grades, transcripts, course histories, and certificates. By utilizing this connectivity, institutions can monitor and manage student progress quickly, produce official transcripts, and give students, teachers, and administrators access to accurate and recent academic information.

Course Registration and Enrollment

Transcript Generation

Gradebook Management

Progress Tracking

Academic Advising

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Enables the assessment and monitoring of transfer credits

Administrators can submit and review transfer credit data, including course equivalencies and credit hours, on a centralized platform made available by the SIS module. Through this interface, institutions can speed up the examination of transfer credits while assuring proper assessment and acknowledgment of previously earned credits. Students may see their progress towards degree completion and benefit from academic advising thanks to the smooth monitoring of transfer credits made possible by the SIS module’s integration with the LMS platform.

Permits advisers and students to monitor advancement toward degree completion

Through the LMS platform, advisors and students can access a comprehensive dashboard within the SIS module, giving them real-time access to the student’s academic progress and degree requirements. With the help of this function, advisors may follow students as they progress through their academic careers and ensure they satisfy all required milestones and degree requirements. Conversely, students can track their development, identify remaining course needs, and choose their academic path with knowledge.

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