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Give educational institutions effective capabilities for monitoring and tracking visitors. These modules improve security controls, speed up the registration procedure for visitors, and provide a thorough breakdown of visitor activity. Implementing strong security measures is one of the main functions of ERP visitor management modules. These modules allow educational institutions to set up visitor policies and processes, guaranteeing that only people with permission can enter the building.

Creates visitor activity reports and statistics

Institutions can improve security measures and stop unauthorized access with features like visitor registration, photo identification, and integration with identity verification systems, like ID cards or biometric scanners.

Enables visitors to register their personal information

The information is safely stored on our LMS platform, assuring data protection and conformity with laws. This function enables a smooth check-in procedure by streamlining administrative tasks and the registration process for visitors. Educational institutions can enhance visitor management, increase efficiency, and maintain accurate visitor records for security and reporting needs by allowing visitors to register their personal information using the ERP module in the LMS platform.

Keeps track of guests' arrivals and departures

With the help of our LMS platform, administrators have access to a centralized platform where they can record visitors’ arrival times, hand out badges or passes, and monitor their movements throughout their visit. This function enables tracking visitors effectively, improves campus security, and guarantees accurate visitor activity logs. Educational institutions can retain better control over guest access, enhance safety procedures, and simplify administrative work connected to visitor tracking and reporting by utilizing the visitor management capability inside the ERP module integrated with the LMS platform.

Simplifying Visitor Management for Efficient Administration

Administrators may quickly collect visitor information, create visitor badges or passes, and keep track of visitors’ activity in real time using our LMS platform. This streamlining of visitor management optimizes administrative procedures, guarantees a seamless and organized experience for guests, and fosters a safe and secure atmosphere within the educational institution.

Visitor Registration

Check-In and Check-Out

Identity Verification

Visitor Badges and Access Control

Pre-Registration and Pre-Authorization

Notification and Alerts

Verifies visitors' identity by using various techniques

The tools required to verify visitors’ identities are available on our LMS platform, enabling a safe and dependable guest control procedure. By implementing these approaches, educational institutions can improve campus security, stop unauthorized access, and keep accurate visitor records. A safe and controlled environment within the educational institution is made possible by the Visitor Management functionality in the ERP module and the LMS platform. This capability provides effective and reliable identity verification.

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