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Park with ease, travel with convenience

Give administrators in educational institutions comprehensive capabilities for managing parking lots and transportation services. These modules improve transportation management, maximize parking space utilization, and streamline administrative procedures. Provide for the effective distribution of parking spaces, the implementation of parking regulations, and the real-time monitoring of parking availability. Administrators can ensure equitable and organized parking, reducing congestion and maximizing space utilization by utilizing features like parking permits, automatic registration, and car tracking.

Manages to issue and administrating visitor, staff, and student parking permits

These modules can be seamlessly integrated with intelligent access control and ticketing technologies for parking and transportation services, such as RFID or barcode systems. Students and staff can efficiently utilize their ID cards or mobile devices for access and leave, eliminating the need for paper tickets or passes. This increases security by limiting unauthorized access in addition to convenience.

Facilitates effective management of the campus parking spaces

Administrators have access to capabilities through our LMS platform to manage parking allocations, issue permits, and monitor parking usage. It makes it easier to register for permits, pay for them, and check parking availability in real time. It also aids enforcement efforts. This integration simplifies parking administration, eases traffic, and guarantees the best possible use of school parking facilities.

Efficient Parking and Transportation Management

Guests/Staff can quickly register for parking permits, see parking availability, monitor transit timetables, and access details on routes and shuttle services within the LMS platform’s parking and transportation management section. This integration simplifies the management of parking and transport by giving users a convenient central location to access and manage their parking and transport requirements. It improves user experience, lightens the load on the administrative staff, and encourages efficient and sustainable campus movement within the educational institution.

Parking Space Management

Permit Management

Parking Enforcement

Transportation Scheduling and Management

Parking and Transportation Analytics

Integration with Payment Systems

Aids in keeping track of and enforcing parking laws

Administrators can track parking infractions, issue citations, handle appeals, and keep records of parking enforcement activities in our LMS platform. This helps to encourage a secure and well-organized parking environment, discourage unauthorized parking, and ensure that parking laws are fairly and consistently enforced. By utilizing this integration, educational institutions can boost campus security, encourage a better parking experience for students, professors, and staff, and improve parking administration.

Overseeing transport services within the educational institution

Our LMS platform gives users access to tools for tracking real-time transportation data, planning routes, controlling fleet operations, and maintaining regulatory compliance. This integration improves the overall efficiency, dependability, and safety of transportation services by allowing students, professors, and staff to conveniently obtain transportation information, check bus timetables, and use campus transportation facilities. Educational institutions may support efficient transportation operations, increase accessibility, and improve the all-around campus experience by managing transportation services using the ERP module coupled with the LMS platform.

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