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Our LMS platform with integrated library management ERP modules offers complete capabilities for managing library resources, services, and operations within a school or organization. These modules improve resource accessibility, expedite library procedures, and enable effective collection administration. Resource cataloguing and organization are crucial elements of our library management ERP modules.

A centralized database of library resources, such as books, e-books, journals, multimedia resources, and more, can be created and maintained by librarians

Librarians can rapidly and correctly identify and organize resources using automated cataloguing technologies and metadata management, making it more straightforward for users to find and access pertinent items. Another critical component of our library management ERP modules is efficient collection administration. To acquire and distribute resources wisely, librarians can develop reports on circulation data and analyse resource consumption. These modules also make managing subscriptions to electronic databases, journals, and other digital resources easier, assuring timely access and license compliance.

Enables librarians to organize and administer a complete catalogue

Librarians can seamlessly manage and maintain an up-to-date catalogue, ensuring accurate and accessible information for library users. They can also efficiently update the catalogue with new acquisitions, ensuring that the library’s collection is accurately reflected in the system and easily record details of newly acquired resources, assign unique identifiers, and update availability status to facilitate smooth circulation processes.

Smart Library Management through our ERP

Our ERP system offers a smart library management solution that revolutionizes the way libraries are operated and managed. Through our ERP system’s smart library management module, librarians and staff members gain access to a suite of tools and functionalities designed to improve efficiency and maximize the utilization of library resources. The ERP system provides a user-friendly interface that allows library patrons to easily search for books, reserve materials, and check availability online. This enhances user experiences by providing quick and convenient access to library resources, empowering students and researchers to find the information they need effortlessly.

Cataloging and Classification

Resource Acquisition and Procurement

Circulation and Loan Management

User Management and Patron Services

Reservations and Holds

Digital Resource Management

Includes user registration, authentication and access control

With the comprehensive functionality of secure and efficient environment for library management, librarians can effectively manage user accounts, ensure authentication of library patrons, and control access to library resources. The user registration feature allows librarians to easily create and manage user accounts within the ERP system. New library patrons can register through a user-friendly interface, providing necessary personal information and contact details. Librarians can review and approve user registrations, ensuring the accuracy and validity of user accounts.

Supports seamless integration of physical and digital resources

Our library management ERP system supports seamless integration of both physical and digital resources, providing a unified and comprehensive library experience. With this, librarians can seamlessly integrate physical resources, such as books and media, into the library’s catalog. Each item is assigned a unique identifier, enabling efficient tracking and management within the system. This integration ensures that the library’s physical collection is accurately reflected in the ERP system, making it easy for users to search and locate resources.

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