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Offers tools for managing employee-related activities and information. These modules improve workforce management by streamlining HR procedures and facilitating employee growth. The centralization and organization of personnel data are one of the main features of ERP employee management modules. All employee-related data, including personal information, contact details, work history, qualifications, and performance records, are sourced from these modules, a single source of truth.

We provide goal setting, performance-tracking, and performance appraisal workflows

Administrators may quickly access and update employee records, ensuring that data is accurate and consistent throughout the organization. These modules also streamline workflows and reduce administrative tasks by automating HR processes and procedures. ERP employee management modules automate typical operations, saving time and effort for HR staff, from employee onboarding and leave management through performance reviews and payroll processing. This automation frees HR teams to concentrate on more critical projects and employee-centred activities like engagement and talent development.

Automates onboarding new employees

Automating the onboarding procedure allows the organization to bring in new hires more quickly, assure uniformity, and decrease tedious paperwork. Educational institutions can improve the employee experience, hasten recruit integration, and improve HR management by automating the onboarding process with the ERP module coupled with the LMS platform.

LMS administration in employee management has been simplified

Administrators may collect employee data, manage onboarding and offboarding procedures, assign roles and duties, and take care of payroll and benefits with the ERP module within our LMS platform. This integration improves organizational efficiency across the board for the educational institution by streamlining administrative activities and employee management procedures.

Employee Information Management

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Leave and Attendance Management

Performance Management

Training and Development

Payroll and Benefits Management

Supports programs for staff development and training

Authorities can manage training materials, assign training modules to staff members, monitor their progress, and produce reports on the results of their training through our LMS platform. This staff training and development support ensures that workers have access to the tools and opportunities they need to advance their professional development, knowledge, and abilities. Educational institutions can promote a culture of continuous learning, encourage employee engagement and retention, and develop highly competent and educated staff by utilizing the Employee Management capability inside the ERP module coupled with the LMS platform.

Manages tax management, benefits administration, and payroll processing

Tax-related information, such as withholding information and tax forms, can be efficiently managed by administrators. They can also oversee employee benefits administration, including enrollment, monitoring, and management. The module also speeds up payroll processing by automating computations, creating paychecks, and keeping track of payroll information. Because of the correctness, compliance, and efficiency this integration ensures in handling employee salary, tax duties, and benefits administration, administrative procedures are finally made more superficial, and employee satisfaction inside the educational institution is increased.

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