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Our LMS platform with integrated Classroom Management ERP modules offers comprehensive solutions for controlling classroom activities, easing collaboration, and improving the learning experience. Educators can quickly design and manage class schedules, assign, and distribute resources, and monitor student progress within the platform. By streamlining administrative activities like managing assignments, taking attendance, and grading, instructors are better equipped to concentrate on teaching and engaging with students.

Helps with the delivery and management of digital learning content

Create a dynamic and interactive learning environment by including tools for online debates, group projects, and real-time communication. Students can work together with their peers, take part in online discussions, and ask teachers for help when they need it. The modules also allow for the exchange of multimedia content, allowing teachers to add interactive elements, movies, and presentations to improve the learning process.

Automated administration and tracking of attendance

Our LMS platform’s Classroom Management module provides automated administration and attendance tracking. With the help of this function, instructors may efficiently control and monitor student attendance. Instructors can digitally record students’ attendance, create attendance reports, and monitor changes in attendance trends over time using the LMS platform’s Classroom Management module.

Instruction and Education inside LMS Platform for Effective Classroom Management

The ERP system’s Classroom Management module, which is connected to our LMS platform, enables effective management of classroom materials and activities. This module gives administrators and teachers the resources to plan and control many parts of the classroom, such as scheduling lessons, allocating resources, and keeping track of students’ attendance.

Class Scheduling and Timetabling

Attendance Tracking

Content Management

Online Assessments and Grading

Gradebook and Progress Tracking

Communication and Notifications

Utilizes chat capabilities and discussion forums to encourage communication

Instructors can build discussion forums, lead group discussions, and start chat sessions for immediate contact using the Classroom Management module of the LMS platform. These chat features and discussion boards encourage student involvement in the learning process, teamwork, and active participation. Educational institutions can promote peer-to-peer learning, enable efficient information exchange between students and instructors, and create a dynamic and inclusive classroom experience by utilizing various communication options inside the Classroom Management module of the LMS platform.

Grade book function to monitor and control students' academic progress

Instructors can quickly submit grades, generate weighted averages, and give feedback on student performance through the LMS platform Classroom Management feature. The grade book feature makes it easier to manage grades effectively, enables instructors to track students’ academic progress in real-time and aids in pinpointing problem areas.

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