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Empowering learners, transforming education

Techademy Campus is an endeavour to assist universities and colleges deliver a 
holistic learning experience to students as per the National Education Policy 2020 of the Ministry 
of Education, Government of India. The core objective of Techademy Campus lies in setting up 
virtual campuses for universities and colleges through our edtech tools: Learning Management 
System (LMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Student Information System (SIS). The 
endeavour stands out in terms of its lineage to be one of the very few or perhaps the only 
Learning Experience Platform (LXP) built and orchestrated by academicians who are also our 
Governing council and Advisory Council members. Techademy Campus LMS also facilitates 
seamless communication between teachers and students, enabling quick and efficient feedback 
and addressing queries promptly. 

We are the leading force in EdTech innovation

With Techademy Campus universities and colleges can focus on their core mission of fostering academic excellence and preparing students for success in the global landscape. 

Empowering Online Education

Techademy Campus is designed to meet the diverse needs of Academicians and 
students and serves as centralized hub for all online learning activities. Faculties can 
effortlessly create and organize engaging courses, incorporating multimedia elements such 
as videos, presentations, and interactive quizzes to enhance the learning experience. The 
platform’s intuitive content management system allows for easy updates and modifications, 
ensuring that course materials remain current and relevant. 

Streamlining Educational Administration

Our ERP is a sophisticated and integrated system designed to streamline and optimize various administrative processes within educational institutions. With Techademy Campus ERP, universities and colleges can consolidate all their administrative functions into a unified platform. Finance, human resources, admissions, student records, academic departments, and other crucial areas seamlessly integrate, creating a cohesive and efficient
ecosystem for data management and communication. 

Enhancing Student Management and Data Analysis

Our SIS is a specialized solution designed to enhance student management and data analysis within higher education institutions. At the core of Techademy Campus SIS is its
ability to centralize and manage student data efficiently. From basic personal details to academic records, attendance, and disciplinary history, the system consolidates all relevant
information in one secure and easily accessible platform. This centralized approach simplifies data management, reduces duplication, and ensures accuracy in student records. 

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