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Incorporate the content of your curriculum from physical textbooks into digital possibilities. Give your students the advantage of learning from anywhere, any time with mobile accessibility. Techademy Campus makes immersive learning possible through hyper personalisation and engagement driven content.

Help students achieve more than they ever imagined

Personalise learning, increase engagement and help students achieve more than they imagined possible. Techademy offers flexible and robust learning solutions for every stage of life, from the earliest days of school to higher education.

Give your students access to a truly world-class LMS.

Assess your students’ competence with deep insights and accuracy.

Promote a learning ecosystem that creates new possibilities.

Next gen solutions for new age students.

The academic period in a person’s life is the stepping stone to the future. The inputs at the higher education level moulds students for success in their careers. This makes education at the university and college level critical for their success.
To assist universities and colleges prepare role-model professionals of the future, IIHT-Techademy brings you Techademy Campus, a Non-Swayam compliant platform to take Higher Education to the virtual campus and break the geographical barriers to learning.

Measuring learning with precision.

Relieve teachers from the burden of evaluating the performance of students. Techademy Campus offers a best-in-class, end-to-end proctored, highly customisable, smart assessments platform to curate and assess knowledge levels.

Making peer learning possible.

Peer learning is a highly effective form of knowledge intake due to the informal atmosphere that allows inclusive discussion. Students can use discussion forums built into the LMS to participate in online discussions, work together on group projects, or seek help with assignments. Learning is a social process, so encouraging collaboration can lead to a richer learning experience for students.

Integrated Learning Interventions To Make The Most Of Learning And Build Skills.

An integrated learning intervention is a thorough strategy that maximizes learning and skill development. It seeks to provide an engaging and productive learning experience by combining numerous tactics, tools, and methodologies. With the help of this intervention, learners will be able to understand concepts and use them in practical contexts in addition to their academic knowledge.


Video-based training to build tech skills on leading technologies

Skill-assessments and Quizzes

Validate what your team learns on-the-go

Hands-on Labs

Practice and demonstrate problem-solving skills with tech labs

Positive experiences

With easy access on any device, learners can jump in anytime, anywhere.

Capstone Projects

Analyze and work on real business use-cases

Collaborative Learning

Promote social interaction among learners and mentors

Mentoring Sessions

F2F discussions with our expert mentors to help them progress.

Story-based sessions

Connect to narratives emotionally to create higher recall and retention

Media Gallery

Learners can explore and build a wide range of abilities by being given comprehensive learning opportunities, such as group projects, practical activities, and interactive simulations. The integrated learning intervention encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and effective communication while acknowledging the interdependence of knowledge domains.

Student Governance - Ensuring efficiency in learning

Overall, this all-encompassing strategy attempts to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to prosper in a constantly changing environment.

Student attendance and participation

Get information on a student’s learning journey with in-depth data that will give you meaningful insights to map and fill learning gaps, create personalised interventions and enhance outcomes.

Class performance reporting

Get class participation and performance reports for a bird’s eye view of the overall engagement of classes for various courses. Track your students’ progress and gauge their engagement levels through assessment results, dropout level and learning outcome.

Learning content

Make learning content student-friendly by taking the curriculum online. Add department and class-wise curriculums to the LMS from where students can access the learning material even from their mobiles, anywhere, any time.

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